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We make testing hemp and hemp-based products quick, simple, and efficient.
We connect hemp cultivators and manufacturers with ISO/IEC-17025:2017 accredited testing laboratories to seamlessly provide accurate and informative data. From supplying shipping labels and packaging, to ensuring accurate, easy-to-understand results that arrive on time every time, Zera Hemp Labs is revolutionizing hemp testing.
The hemp landscape is confusing and ever- changing but with Zera Hemp Labs, testing your hemp doesn’t have to be difficult.
Why use Zera Hemp Labs?
The Zera Hemp Labs team is a group of passionate hemp enthusiasts with ample experience in the cannabis testing sphere. The knowledge we’ve gained from years of testing cannabis, hemp’s sister plant, gives us a unique understanding of hemp testing needs. This team not only assures that your results are accurate and delivered in a timely manner, but also provides unparalleled support and guidance from the moment you order your test.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We put our customers first Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We understand that our customers have many options for service providers. We meaningfully recognize and appreciate that our customers chose us and we strive to make sure that comes through in each part of the Zera experience.
  • We deliver more than we promise Our entire team is empowered to exceed expectations. We aim to serve by bringing our professional backgrounds, life experiences, and deep passion for hemp together to deliver great service and provide massive value for every customer, every time.
  • We meet our customers needs Our customers are small business owners facing an array of challenges. Our products, services, and the way we do business are all designed specifically to meet their needs. We are here to guide and support our customers with industry insights and enhanced information so that their businesses will thrive.
  • We serve through leadership Our passion for the work that we do helps lead our customers to success. We strive to become an indispensable partner by encouraging knowledge exchange, instigating new ideas, and operating with a shared understanding of challenges and opportunities within the industry.
  • We are authentic and transparent Our principles of integrity, courage, and positivity nurture real and authentic interactions with our customers, partners, and team. We always operate from a place of transparency and are fully accountable for all of our interactions.

Where our story began…

The idea for our company was born from a group of cannabis and hemp testing professionals when they spotted a problem that threatened to drastically affect hemp manufacturer’s businesses.


When hemp gained legal status across the United States in 2018, the need for hemp testing services quickly became apparent. However, hemp producers were beholden to their local labs, which struggled to plan for capacity as the farming season brought on a tidal wave of tests all at once and then dropped to just a trickle in the offseason.  

In early 2020, as the Coronavirus swept the nation, the problem became even more apparent. Singular testing labs held the keys to the hemp manufacturers’ business and could become the sole point of failure if they were backlogged or had to close their doors.


Our founders, who were owners of a testing lab themselves, believed that the solution was a network of ISO-17025 accredited testing labs that was powered by a first-of-its-kind online ordering system. This system would manage incoming testing orders and send them to labs that had open capacity exactly when the hemp producers needed it. This would erase the limitations that hemp product manufacturers felt based on their geographic locations, and allow labs, for the first time ever, to be able to accurately plan for capacity by sharing information on what tests are coming their way. 

From that vision, Zera Hemp Labs was born. Zera took shape and grew into a company all it’s own, with hemp/cannabis industry veterans stepping in to ensure producers would get the utmost value from this new solution. In addition to the online system and network of accredited labs, Zera also offers a growing library of resources and valuable information on all aspects of the ever-changing hemp industry. We track each point along the shipping and testing process and retain a historical library of CoAs. We offer one-click public URL creation, so hemp producers can easily share professionally designed results pages with potential buyers. Our friendly and responsive Customer Service agents are standing by to help with any and all questions that hemp producers have. They are dedicated to making each and every hemp producer as comfortable as possible with the lab testing system, their results, and anything else that might come up. 


With today’s digital-first, always-on mentality, Zera Hemp Labs is uniquely primed to step into the light as a top-tier provider of hemp testing services. In the near future, the FDA is expected to require that all hemp and CBD-based products be tested. Additional state and USDA testing requirements are also expected. Zera is ready. Zera Hemp Labs was created to solve a critical problem for hemp producers and ended up disrupting an industry to do so. 

Zera Hemp Labs – On-demand access to hemp testing, nationwide.

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