There’s a lot to learn about hemp.
Read up on best practices for hemp growing and processing, stay up-to-date on the ever-changing regulatory landscape, and learn more about the plant itself.
Women’s History Month: Influential Women In Hemp History
March is Women’s History Month— a time to recognize the powerful women in history that contributed to the boom of hemp and its impact in today’s society.
Hemp How-To: Integrated Nutrient And Pest Management
Curious about how to incorporate nutrients and learn about pest management for your hemp crops? Watch our video to get the scoop!
Hemp How-To: Cultivation Season Prep – Integrated Pest Management Plan
Do you need to start prepping for cultivation season? Watch our webinar, and join hemp leaders, advocates, and enthusiasts in the ongoing conversation.
Zera Hemp Labs 101: What Is CBD?
Welcome to Zera Hemp Labs 101! Want to learn everything there is to know about CBD and its therapeutic effects? Get the scoop here.
The Hemp Farmer’s Calendar: A Guide To Seeding, Testing, And Harvesting
To help you track your planting and growth progress, we designed the Hemp Farmer’s Calendar to assist you in achieving an abundantly successful harvest.
The Beginner’s Guide To Hemp Genetic Selection
Learn about which plant to use as a mother for your next season’s crops, your flower to plant ratio, and the optimal time to harvest.
Hemp Holiday Gift Guide
Picking out the best hemp gifts for your loved ones can be a lot to handle, but we are here to help you make the best choices. 
Thank you, farmers.
The hemp plant has been misunderstood throughout history, but we have farmers to thank for its reintroduction into American agriculture.
The Ins And Outs Of Infused-Product Testing
Regulations surrounding THC levels in hemp are rigorous and require hemp-infused product (HIP) producers to get their products tested for potency at an accredited laboratory.
What To Expect When You’re Extracting
Extractors can benefit greatly from being familiar with the advantages that testing can provide at different stages of the process.
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