Thank you, farmers.

This October, Zera Hemp Labs recognizes the hard-working individuals who are committed to enhancing their communities and the country as a whole. These individuals do not complain when times are tough but instead maneuver around the issues and come up with solutions. These individuals work long hours and days to meet the increasing demand for resources. These individuals do the hard work and are not afraid of the dirt that comes along with it. These individuals advance the industry through new technologies, cultivation methods, and harvesting techniques. 

These individuals are hemp farmers. 

President George Washington grew hemp and encouraged American farmers to harvest the crop as well. Betsy Ross made the first American Flag using hemp. This multifaceted plant was harvested for medicinal purposes, clothing, and in colonial times would even serve as payment for taxes. 

The hemp plant has been misunderstood throughout history, but we have farmers to thank for its reintroduction into American agriculture. Whether we are using hemp seeds as a nutritional addition to our food or creating a more durable fiber for our clothing, this amazing plant is here to stay. 

Zera Hemp Labs was created with farmers in mind. By streamlining the hemp testing process, we give farmers the freedom to focus on their crops and farming tactics, vs forcing them to navigate a complex hemp testing process. 

Zera Hemp Labs is on a mission to revolutionize hemp testing. We simplify the testing process while providing a best-in-class online ordering system, responsive customer service, and easy-to-share CoAs. In addition, we supply farmers with leading-edge hemp resources and knowledge to excel beyond just the testing process, but in the hemp industry as a whole. 

So as we sit back this October enjoying the fall leaves, we consider how hemp farmers, and all farmers alike, contribute to the quality of our lives. From textiles to food, our lives are better because of dedicated workers in agriculture. Farmers are the reason that our beautiful land is maintained, and our communities thrive.

So thank you, farmers, today and every day. 

With love and appreciation,

Zera Hemp Labs