$149 per sample
5-day turnaroundonce at lab
This safety test scans for the presence of 48 controlled pesticides.
Sample Sizes Required
  • Dry Flower
    9 grams
  • Extract or Concentrate
    1.5 grams
Scope of Test
Pesticides Acephate, Acequinocyl, Acetamiprid, Aldicarb, Avermectin B1a, Bifenazate, Bifenthrin, Carbaryl, Carbofuran, Cyfluthrin, Cypermethrin, Dimethoate, Etofenprox, Etoxazole, Flonicamid, Fludioxonil, Imazalil, Imidacloprid, Oxamyl, Permethrin, Piperonyl Butoxide, Propoxur, Spinosyn A&D, Spiromesifen, Spirotetramat, Thiacloprid, Thiamethoxam, Trifloxystrobin
Testing Method LC-MS
This test will screen products for pesticides, which can be harmful to human health. The analysis will provide the exact presence and concentration of each pesticide detected. Screens for banned substances must show concentrations lower than 10 parts per billion (ppb).
Why would I need this test?
Pesticides and other chemicals used in the cultivation of various crops are highly pervasive. Outdoor crops and indoor cultivation facilities without proper air scrubbing equipment are at risk of becoming contaminated if neighboring agricultural or landscaping operations are using any banned substances. While many of these substances have been deemed safe for consumption by the FDA, there are risks associated with heating, combusting, and inhaling certain chemicals. Screening products for these substances helps ensure consumer safety.
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