Testing Services Overview
We provide ISO-17025 accredited hemp testing services to organizations and individuals growing, extracting, and manufacturing hemp-infused products.

We offer testing for all kinds of hemp products.

  • Flower Products Raw hemp, biomass, preharvested flower, harvested flower, consumable/smokable hemp
  • Extracted Products Crude oil, distillate, isolate, water-soluble CBD, nano-emulsified CBD, non-activated hemp extract, full-spectrum concentrates
  • Hemp-Infused Products Edibles, tinctures, drinks, topicals, capsules, pet products & other hemp-infused products
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We understand the economic impact of delayed test results.
We strive to get you results as quickly as possible. Turn-around times are based on a 10:00 AM PST delivery. If samples arrive after our daily cut off, another day is added to the expected turnaround time.
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