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Zera Hemp Labs is an innovative online solution that connects hemp producers with accredited testing laboratories to ensure fast, easy, and accurate testing.
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What We Do
We work with hemp farmers, extractors, and product manufacturers nationwide to confirm product safety and assist with ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Easy sample submission Submitting samples is quick and convenient. Just order testing online and ship your hemp samples to one of our lab partners using the shipping labels we provide.
  • Fast turn around Any delays in the process can be detrimental, which means efficient testing is critical. Our average turn-around time for reporting results is 3-5 business days.
  • Compliance & accuracy Hemp regulations are complex. We ensure our network only has ISO/IEC-17025:2017 accredited labs. This means results are accurate so you can confirm your products are compliant at every stage.
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For hemp and hemp-derived products to be sold legally, cultivators, extractors & manufacturers must test their products.
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